Coinciding with ETAT 2006, an old thatched-roof minka (Japanese-style traditional house) built in 1924 has been refurbished as a museum of pottery as well as a restaurant serving local cuisine. The ground floor serves as a restaurants and is filled with distinctive potteries including a cooking stove, washbasin, and bathtub, as well as plates and bowls created by potters. Three tea rooms on the upper floor serve as gallery space as well a comfortable resting space.
We are pleased to open Ubusuna House for everyone to stay overnight while enjoying hearty meals and warm local hospitality.


AddressNiigataTokamachi3110 Higashi-Shimogumi
Access●20 minutes by car from Tokamachi sta.
business hoursNo fixed schedule(Open depending on the Art Triennale)
FeeEntry fee: Adults 500yen; Students (junior high and below) 250yen
※ During the Art Triennale or other seasonal events please purchase the special passport book or multipass ticket.
Overnight stay: 25,000yen per person, includes breakfast and dinner
NotesThis campsite has irregular business hours, mostly during the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale and during other seasonal programs.
【Overnight Stays】
Up to 5 people per group, limited to one night and one building.
※ We ask that any guests under 6 years old do not stay overnight.
ContactEchigo-Tsumari Art Field Information Center