Matsudai Castle Ruins Park Campsite

This is a campsite located behind the Matsudai Station that is part of the Matsudai Castle Ruins Park. There are three cabins, 10 tent sites, and cooking equipment is available.

Become one with nature - feel the earth under your feet and the scent of the forest in your skin. Make this an unforgettable vacation while barbecuing, birdwatching, stargazing and so much more - it's perfect therapy for the soul!


Matsudai Castle Ruins Park Campsite
AddressNiigataTokamachi5236 Matsudai
Parking LotParking available
〇Entrance fee : 100 per person
〇Fee for tent site : 2000 including a tent for 6 people per night / 2200 including a tent for 8 people per
night / 1500 without tent per night
Note : Cars need to be parked at the parking lot, and are not allowed to park in the tent site.
〇Rental fee for Cabin A/ B/ C (up to 8 people each) : 3500 per night including sleeping bags
〇Facility fee for day-trip BBQ: Kitchen 1000 /Stove 1000
〇Others : 200 for firewood / 100 for sleeping bag per night
Note: We do not rent cooking grid, grill iron plates, pans or any other equipment for BBQ.
Notes Check-in
Day visits: 11am~; Overnight stays: 4pm~
 Check-out
Day visits: 3pm; Overnight stays: 10am
- Please be advised we have no barbecue grills or cooking equipment.
- There are no shower facilities on site; please use the facilities at Shibatoge Onsen Unkai (15 minutes by car).
- Please bring any trash home with you.
- Pets are allowed on site, but not allowed inside the cabins or rental tents.
- There are some shops (including convenience stores and a home center) about 10 minutes away from the premises around Matsudai Station. Please utilize these places for simple ingredients and tools.