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Tokamachi is located in the southern region of Niigata Prefecture. It only takes 2 hours by bullet-train to get here from Tokyo; but although they may be close, the landscape, culture and climate of Tokamachi is a world apart from the busy concrete jungle of Japan’s capital. Tokamachi is a place to relax and unwind, where you can come into touch with traditional Japanese culture and experience something you can’t in the city. The landscape is mostly covered by mountains, forests and rice fields, and is home to some of the most stunning sights and spectacular events in all of Japan – including one of the world’s largest contemporary art festivals! A blanket of deep white snow is cast over Tokamachi for around one-third of the year, with some areas buried in snowfall of up to 5 meters. Being part of the tourism sphere known as Snow Country, Tokamachi offers exceptional opportunities for winter fun and cultural experiences such as skiing and snowboarding, bathing in snow-set hot spring baths, winter firework displays, and the spectacular Tokamachi Snow Festival. Tokamachi awaits you!

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Tokamachi city 
Terraced Rice Fields -Tanada-
Beech Tree -Bijinbayashi-
Gorge -Kiyotsukyo-

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