Highlights of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field

Surround Yourself in a World of Art.

The Echigo-Tsumari Art Field Videos


Museum on Echigo-Tsumari (MonET)

The Museum on Echigo-Tsumari, or MonET (pronounced mone-ay like the artist) for short, is considered the starting point for the Art Field. From the moment you step in, you will be surrounded by art. In fact, the shallow pool of water found in the center of the museum, is an artwork in itself. This contemporary art museum hosts many iconic Echigo-Tsumari art pieces on the second floor and includes a gift shop and café. Plus, you may get to see a live radio broadcast during your visit, because the headquarters of FM Tokamachi are located in MonET.

Hachi & Seizo Tashima Museum of Picture Book Art

This former elementary school is located in Hachi, a village surrounded by mountains. Seizo Tashima, a picture book artist, transformed this school after its closure into a small museum. He created a story to accompany his new museum called “The School Will Never Become Empty,” featuring the last three students attending this school called Yuki, Yuta, and Kenta. Seizo Tashima even imagined monsters living in the closed school. Visitors can experience the story for themselves as they explore the space of this walk-in picture book museum. We encourage you to come and meet the three last students as well as the monsters living in the school including Toperatoto, the laughter-eating monster, and Doradoraban, the destroyer of dreams!
Museum closed during winter.

Tunnel of Light (Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel)

As part of the 2018 program, MAD Architects was invited to revitalize the Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel – a historic, 750-meter passageway that cuts through distinctive rock formations, offering panoramic views over one of Japan’s three great chasms. Drawing on the ‘five elements’ of nature (wood, earth, metal, fire, water), MAD’s scheme transforms points along the historic tunnel through the realization of several architectural spaces and artistic atmospheres. The designs rethink the relationship between humans and nature, and seek to re-connect locals and visitors alike with the majestic beauty of the land.
Tunnel closed in winter. Please visit website for more information.

Matsudai Joyama Art Complex (surrounding Nohbutai)

Next to Matsudai station is one of the main areas of the Art Field known as the Matsudai Joyama Art Complex, which features many recommended artworks scattered on the mountain side near the Nohbutai building. You will find installations created by world-renowned artists on the road up to the Matsudai Castle Ruins. These artworks are blended into the rich nature of this area, allowing the visitor to feel all four seasons of the area with their entire being. This is practically a textbook definition of the Art Field, whose concept is “human beings are part of nature.” This area can be traversed in about 1-2 hours total.

Dine Inside Art

Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo

This restaurant is found inside Nohbutai near Matsudai station. The floor-to-ceiling windows give you a panoramic view of the terraced rice fields. The unique light blue interior space is created by Jean-Luc Vilmouth: photographs taken by local residents are hung on the ceiling and reflected on the round table surfaces, giving you a sense of being embraced by the nature of Matsudai. On the menu is cuisine entirely local to Matsudai, using locally-grown produce and wild edible mountain plants, or sansai. Enjoy your view of the fields while partaking in their harvest!

Sleep in Artwork!