Snowtop Camping (Matsunoyama Onsen Snow Park)

Day camping can be done on top of the slopes at the Echigo Tsumari Matsunoyama Onsen Snow Park as part of their Winter Outdoor Field. Even if you don't have any equipment, you can easily rent no-hassle campsets from the front desk! Overnight camping can also be done, but we do ask that you bring your own equipment.

When you can't handle the cold anymore, head on over to the Matsunoyama Onsen, one of Japan's top 3 medicinal hot springs.


Snowtop Camping (Matsunoyama Onsen Snow Park)
AddressNiigataTokamachi909 Matsunoyamaamamizushima(Matsunoyama Onsen Ski Resort)
business hours9:30~17:00
(Hours depend on weather and slope conditions. Please contact in advance to confirm.)

【Day Camping】
Check-in from 10am. Check-out at 3pm.

【Overnight Camping】
Check-in from 1pm. Check-out at 11:30am.
Fee【Day Camping】
●Children(7-15) Entrance fee:¥500
●Infants FREE
Up to 20 people (advance reservation required)
Day Camp Rental Goods/1 Day Fee
No Hassle Setup/Takedown Set/Up to 4 people 15,000円
Includes full screen tent, table, chairs, stove
※ Advance reservation required
※ This offer is only available for day campers and not available to overnight stays.
【Overnight Camping】
One Night Stays
●Children(7-15) Entrance fee:¥ 1,000
●Infants FREE
Notes※ Please bring any equipment needed for your snowtop day camping experience (clothing, tent, heaters, carbon-monoxide detector, etc).
※ Day campers assume all related responsibilities for tent usage.

- In the event of a heavy snowstorm or any warnings the day prior to your planned stay, the tent site will be closed. (Cancellation fees waived)
- Each site is 10m by 10m.
- There are no cooking facilities or areas to wash dishes.
- A sled will be provided to you for any luggage if necessary.
- Please bring all trash home with you.
- There is potable water available onsite. Please bring a water jug.
- Please check in at the Ski House Information Center if you arrive the day of your stay.
ContactMatsunoyama Onsen Skiing Resort
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