Local Cooking “Anbo”making Workshop

Anbo is a type of traditional food where fillings such as red bean paste or nozawana (rape) are rolled up in a wrapping made out of rice flour. In the past this was made with any leftover parts of rice that were around, truly showing that Japan is a culture of "waste not."


Local Cooking “Anbo”making Workshop
AddressNiigataTokamachiLocal hotels and facilities available in Nakasato Area(If we arrange the venue, there will be additional charge)
Fee9~12  Pax 12,000Yen
12~16 Pax 16,000Yen
17~20 Pax 20,000Yen
+ materials needed 600yen/pax

■Hire an interpreter(English) 2000yen/per hour
Required time40 - 75 min
Advance reservationBooking deadline is 7 days before tour date.
Minimum number of participants2
ContactNPO GGG