Hiking On Top of the Snow! Includes Onsen!

Strap on some metal shoe snows to your boot and take a snow hike with our knowledgable guide to show you around. You'll be able to reach heights and areas normally inaccessible to the average person. Afterwards, you can take a dip in the onsen and relax.


Hiking On Top of the Snow! Includes Onsen!
AddressNiigataTokamachiMeeting Place4197, tsuchinoto, Miyanaka(Mion Nakasato)
Fee●Adult:¥ 6,500
●Children(7-12) :¥5,500
(Includes guide, basic equipment rental fee, onsen admission, and taxes)
Notes☆ Includes onsen entry
Admission notes: Must be elementary age or older and in good health. (Please consult with us if you have any concerns.)
PeriodFrom mid-December to March
Opening timeMorning program: from 10:00
Afternoon program: from 13:30
Required timeApprox.3 h
Minimum number of participants2
ContactJapan Outdoor Service