Soba Making Workshop (Atema Kogen Resort Forum Center)

This workshop features Japanese buckwheat noodle, better known as soba noodles. Tokamachi's specialty is hegisoba, where seaweed is used as the binding agent in the flour for a refreshing taste. Great for families or even just two people. Afterwards you can take your soba with you and enjoy the taste of Tokamachi at home.


Soba Making Workshop (Atema Kogen Resort Forum Center)
AddressNiigataTokamachiTamagawa (Atema highland resort Belnatio forum center)
Opening time10:00~11:30
※ Doesn’t include meals.
※ Open all year
Required timeApprox. 1.5h
Advance reservationAccepted day before by 5pm
Minimum number of participants2
ContactAtema highland resort Belnatio forum center