Tokamachi Rice Terrace Treks

Trekking in an area that looks like a painting of the “real” Japan; experiencing the rich history, culture and beautiful scenery of this area.
The terraced rice fields in the mountains of Japan are a symbol of its history and culture. The records from the past show how people in this area of heavy snow built stair-like rice fields; they also show how hard-working these people were.
Walking on the paths between the terraced rice fields, with deep forests and unmistakable cedar trees standing alongside, you encounter some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.
Through experiences including visiting local farmers, wild vegetable picking, rice planting/harvesting, cycling, paddling and snowshoeing, explore the history and the culture firsthand. (Depending on the season)
Outstanding local cuisine, and unforgettably warm hospitality await our guests.
1. The old samurai road
The trekking route from village to village runs along portions of the Uesugi Gundo (military road), also known as the Kodo Matsunoyama Kaido (the old Matsunoyama Road), that runs from Joetsu City to Tokamachi.
Walking along these trails, you feel the history: the peasants who worked and lived here, the merchants carrying goods, the trails that were the roads, often to battle, for the local warlord’s troops.
Also, you will see the most beautiful and historic rice terraces in all of Japan.
2. Experienced, dedicated guides
This is a private tour, with a dedicated, local guide who can lead guests along the trails with explanations in English. Only on this tour will you be led to places that ordinary visitors could not access.
3. Sophisticated accommodations
Local accommodations are available for one to multiple nights. These high-end lodgings include sophisticated onsen (hot spring inns), and a holiday house tucked between the fields that provides an outstanding chance to interact with locals.
*Our basic plan is 3 days 2 nights, but you can arrange other itineraries according to your request.
4. Local cuisine
Fine dining is a key point of the tour, with gourmet meals featuring unique and delicious local specialties and the best ingredients of the season and the region.
5. Cultural programs
Apart from the trekking, a variety of other programs are available to experience the life and culture of the people living in this mountainous rural area.


Tokamachi Rice Terrace Treks
AddressNiigataTokamachiStart:Matsudai station
FeeJPY 81,000/1 person
English speaking guide, 2 nights of accommodation (the accommodation will be arranged according to your request), transportation within the itinerary, meals (2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner), drinking water, snacks/drinks for a break (DAY 2 & DAY 3), local experience program (DAY 2), hot spring (DAY 3), insurance
●Required Equipments
Walking & Hiking Clothes and shoes, rain gear (for light rain), towel, backpack and water bottle
PeriodApril to November (There are the other tours in the winter period)
Advance reservationBooking deadline is 1 week before the tour date
Minimum number of participants2
ContactHOME away from HOME Niigata