Hoshitoge Rice Terraces

Tanada (rice terraces) are rice fields that line the mountain slopes like steps in a staircase. The tanada found resting high and low in the mountains of the Matsuno-yama and Matsudai areas of Tokamachi City are some of the most impressive in all of Japan. Their appearance transitions with the seasons, producing vibrantly different expressions as the year progresses. In spring and autumn, each field shines like a mirror as it reflects the setting sun – and in the winter, a snowy blanket is cast across the landscape, creating a serene, white winterscape. Tokamachi’s Hoshitoge Rice Terraces in particular attracts thousands of photographers and tourists throughout the year; they are truly a sight to be seen!

Notes for taking pictures:
We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation with the following:
1. Please do not leave any garbage behind.
2. Please be considerate of other drivers when you park your car; do not block the passage of other vehicles.
3. Please refrain from entering the rice fields when taking photographs. Also, please watch your step when walking on old footpaths as they may collapse.
4. Please refrain from picking any wild plants, cultivated vegetables, wild grass, or flowers.
5. Please be friendly to local residents. Feel free to say hello and ask for directions if you get lost.

Tokamachi’s beautiful nature belongs to us all. Thank you for observing these good manners.



Hoshitoge Rice Terraces
Access●By train: 20 min by taxi from Matsudai sta. via Hokuhoku Line
●By car: Approx. 1 h from Muikamachi I.C., Kan-etsu Exp. Way via R253
/ Approx. 1 h from Joetsu I.C., Hokuriku Exp. Way via R253
●For car navigation system: Map code 298 138 507
Parking Lot20 parking spaces
Notes・Winter period is from mid-November to late April.
Snow removal is not done in this area so cars may not enter. It is extremely dangerous with snow and potential ice so we advise you to not visit.
・The reflecting pools in the rice terraces can be seen in spring (when the snow melts up until June) and autumn (from mid-October until the first snowfall).
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