Gimyo Rice Terraces

The Gimyo Rice Terraces are a small set of fields located near the Matsudai Castle Ruins. If you’re a fan of sakura (cherry blossoms), this is the best place to visit during spring as the fully-bloomed petals are beautifully reflected in the ponds of the terraces!
Some of the best views are in early-mid spring, when there is still a bit of snow paired with the sakura trees, and in autumn, when the gorgeous fall colors are in full display with just a hint of fallen snow to accentuate their beauty.
The Gimyo Rice Terraces are right off of R253 so it is incredibly easy to access by car.
※ Sakura season is typically at the end of April to the beginning of May (around Golden Week).
※ The rice terraces can be crowded during sakura season. Please be respectful of other visitors when looking for parking, and please only park in the designated areas to not risk any accidents. Please exercise caution when entering back into the highway.
※ Please respect the nature and do not harm it during your visit so that we may all enjoy the terraces for decades to come.


Gimyo Rice Terraces
Access●By train: 8 min by taxi from Matsudai sta. via Hokuhoku Line
●For car navigation system: Map code 298 173 737
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