Tokamachi City Museum

The Tokamachi City Museum was founded in 1979 and is broadly divided into three zones that interweave the history of Tokamachi and the Shinano River Basin. The museum collection includes 7,000 Important Tangible Folk Cultural Properties, 928 of which are collectively designated a National Treasure. In June 2020, the museum was relocated to a new building.

Sasayama Site Collection
The Sasayama exhibit features artifacts from the Jōmon period (14,000–350 BCE) recovered between 1980 and 2013, including “flame-style” pottery that was designated the first national treasure in all of Niigata Prefecture.

Textiles Collection
The history of weaving in the Tōkamachi area dates back to the Jōmon period. Fabric imprints were found on the bases of pottery excavated in the Shinano River Basin, the oldest discovery of its kind in Japan. The collection also showcases the techniques and implements used in the production of Echigo chijimi crêpe, which is made from ramie plant fibers.

Snow Country Collection
The Tōkamachi area receives an average of 2 meters of snow each year and is part of the “snow country” (yukiguni), a region characterized by heavy snowfall. This exhibit showcases the traditional clothing, food, housing, and tools that have been used as part of daily life in this harsh environment.



Tokamachi City Museum
AddressNiigataTokamachi1-448-9 Nishi-Honcho
Access10 min walk from Tokamachi sta.
Parking LotParking available
business hours9:00-17:00(Entrances open until 16:30)
●Closed:Mondays(Open if the Monday is a national holiday, then closed on the following day); from December 28 to January 3
Fee●Adults Entrance fee:¥500
●Free for children under 15
●Group (20 or more): ¥400 /per person
Payment Way
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