Daitozan Museum

The 31st head of the Murayama clan opened its 700 year-old former house and gardens to the public as a museum. The furniture, drawings, and pottery which represented the lifestyle of the wealthy farming Murayama family as well as a memento from Ango Sakaguchi, an uncle of the previous head of the family, are displayed. Ango visited the Matsunoyama region frequently due to his aunt and elder sister both marrying into the Murayama family. This museum is highly recommended for visitors who wish to learn more about the lifestyle of the traditional villagers of Matsunoyama.


Daitozan Museum
AddressNiigataTokamachi1222 Matsunoyama
business hoursBusiness Hours: 9am-4pm
Closed Tues-Thurs and during all of winter.
Fee●Adult Entrance fee:¥500
●Children(7-18) Entrance fee:¥300
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