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Kiyotsu-kan (Japanese Style Inn)

Kiyotsu-kan (Japanese Style Inn)

Our ryokan is located on the Kiyotsukyo Koide Onsen Street right
next to the Kiyotsu Gorge which is considered 1 of Japan’s 3 Most Beautiful Gorges and Valleys.

The natural hot spring waters which flow into our famous “Yakushi no Yu”
onsen baths,
come directly from the source where they gush forth from deep under the ground.
Bathing in our onsen will unravel the stress from your body and mind,
and you can enjoy the gorge’s seasonal scenery of fresh greenery,
autumn colors, and the snow which creates a scene like an ink brush
See, eat and stay: Kiyotsu-kan is a place of temporary escape to refresh
and relax.

Credit cards accepted.

● 1 night stay w/ dinner and breakfast: starting at ¥13,060 per person

  • 清津館
  • 貸切露天風呂
  • 食宴
清津館 貸切露天風呂 食宴
AddressJapanese: 日本, 〒949-8433 新潟県十日町市小出癸2126
English:2126 Koide Ki, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata-ken, 949-8433