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Sansho House

Sansho House is a dormitory that used to be the wooden building of a school;
it sits atop the hill of a small settlement in Matsunoyama.
The spaces that were once classrooms were renovated
into rooms with 80 beds (16 beds in 5 rooms).
We take pride in our meals served by Echigo Matsunoyama mothers
who cook with love and affection for their families every day.

Our team of staff, who know all there is to know about Echigo Tsumari,
dearly await your visit!

Internet access available

● 1 night stay w/ breakfast and dinner: adults: ¥6,000~ per person.
Children ¥4,200~ per person

AddressJapanese: 日本, 〒942-1402 新潟県十日町市松之山小谷327
English:327 Kotani, Matsunoyama, Tokamachi-shi, 942-1402